Sava Živković

Sava Živković


After 13 years of working in traditional 3D animation, Sava Zivkovic explores the real-time motion and lighting possibilities of Unreal Engine in his latest personal project, a dark psychological trip called “Irradiation”. Sava says: “Irradiation is a passion project done in my free time when I’m not working on client projects at Axis Studios mand it marks the first time I’ve used Unreal Engine for a project like this, and the experience is best described as… well, absolutely unreal. The challenges we faced were more technical rather than creative. I had a nine-minute performance-driven full CGI short on my hands with photoreal-ish digital humans, and digital faces are always hard to do, especially on micro budgets. Luckily the character design and the setting of the film meant that we’re going to be seeing the faces obscured by masks for the most part, which was a lifesaver on this production.”


Serbia, 2021, 9:00, 3D l Script and Direction: Sava Živković
Production: Big Medium Small, Take One

While being escorted to a mysteriously irradiated site, a scientist experiences strange visions and questioning the very reason he was sent to investigate the site in the first place.

Sava Zivkovic is a Director based in Belgrade, Serbia. Born in 1989, he graduated from the Belgrade University of Arts in the department of Interior and Furniture design in 2012. Having developed a strong passion for film and animation, he decides to take on this career path and focuses on all things motion picture. He has a strong belief in devoting time to personal projects, has received several awards and recognitions from the CG industry and has also given back to the industry by publishing some of his insights and behind the scenes processes from his personal projects. In late 2017 he started his directing career at Axis Studios and continues the collaboration with Glasgow based studio, working on AAA game cinematics as well as never ending development of personal IP’s.