Animanima Hedonistic Menu: Striburger!


November, 4-11th
Cultural Center Cacak Gallery


Stripburger is a publishing pioneer of independent comics in Slovenia. In the year 1992 the first issue of this, now legendary magazine was published. With more than a quarter-century of continuous publication, Stripburger today is the only remaining Slovenian comics magazine, featuring works by both Slovenian and foreign comics artists, and complementing them with news and reflections on the comics art & medium. The editorial policy favours visually strong and expressive comics with a tight narrative and innovative, fresh, experimental or just simply good visual presentation.

Being bilingual (Slovenian & English), Stripburger has evolved into an important resource on the international comics scene. As Slovenia’s only alternative comics magazine it carries the responsibility not only to publish comics, but also organise workshops, lectures and exhibitions, contests, jam sessions in order to promote the comics culture itself. We hosted many renowned comics artists: Peter Kuper, Joe Sacco (USA), Aleksandar Zograf (Serbia), Danijel Žeželj (Croatia/USA), Jason (Norway), Eric Braün, Valium (Canada), Edmond Baudoin, Stéphane Blanquet, Lewis Trondheim (France) and Max Andersson (Sweden), to name just a few. Also, we have featured also artists from lands such as Brazil, Israel, Korea, Albania and Kazakhstan. Stripburger considers itself to be an important member of the international “comics conspiracy”.

The Animanima exhibition Animanima Hedonistic Menu: Striburger! presents title pages and some more comics ‘treats’!