Lea Vidakovic

Lea Vidaković

Spatial storytelling and puppet animation

In this masterclass, spatial storytelling approaches of several animated installations will be discussed, including Sisters (2012), Splendid Isolation (2010) as well as a glimpse of a new work in progress. The broader context will be given beforehand, explaining basic differences and processes in creating stories for conventional animation films versus those made for expanded animation. The fact that the above works were created in puppet animation will be discussed too, with an aim to explore the impact of this technique’s material qualities on the viewer in an expanded context.

Lea Vidakovic is a multimedia artist, who works in the field of animated installations, expanded media practices and traditional puppet animation. She holds a BA/MA as graphic artist and painter (Academy of Arts, Zagreb); BA in animation (HVO, Norway); MA of audio-visual arts (Royal Academy of Art, Belgium) and a PhD in animation studies (NTU/ADM Singapore). Her research interests include fragmented narratives and new storytelling approaches for animated installations, expanded cinema and storytelling. She has exhibited internationally on numerous solo and group exhibitions, on more than 200 animation festivals, and is a winner of several art and film awards. She took part in several art residencies, conferences and animation festivals as a selector and jury member. She is an assistant professor at Lusofona University in Lisbon, where she teaches puppet animation and photography for animation.