01_Coke Rioobo

Coke Riobóo

MAD IN XPAIN - Making Of

In a post-apocalyptic Spain, different tribes survive, struggling to gain control of the only livelihood that exists, a very low quality red wine. Through savage portrayals of love, excess, police violence and religion, the audience is left guessing which tribe will make it. Coke Riobo tells the story about his extraordinary stop motion animated work, “a miniature metaphor of epic proportions taking place in a sunny Spanish beach”.


Spain, 2020, 13:00, l Object animation l Direction: Coke Riobóo l Script: Coke Riobóo l Animation: Eva Ramón, Coke Riobóo l Editing: Coke Riobóo l Sound design: Federico Pájaro l Production: Los Animantes

Coke Riobóo, musician, composer and animator. He has directed and animated four shortfilms and a web series, composed the soundtrack of several shortfilms and three feature films, and has taught animation workshops around the world. Winner of a Goya Award for his 2006 shortfilm Said´s Journey (2006).