Under the skin: The path to hidden places


64 min

Under the skin: The path to hidden places

The forest had run to some unknown place. The dog was piloting a spaceship. All the animals had the same face. As strange as some scenes may seem, we somehow get a feeling of belonging to that universe. As if there was no fantasy that cannot be accommodated in the living room. The simplest things are the most enigmatic, because the mechanism of the unusual is triggered by our sighs. When you watch these movies, what you feel under your skin will be a twinge, triggered by the unknown, the anticipation: the story has taken you under its wing.

01_Dear Forest

Direction: Claire Eyheramendy, Simon Duclos, Pauline Gregoire

Dear Forest


Direction: Alexandra Myotte

No Title

03_Under the skin, the bark

Direction: Franck Dion

Under the skin, the bark


Direction: Felippe Steffens


05_Beyond the Trees

Direction: Pierre Burgoni, Jordan Baudé, Julie Bijjou, Catharianne Ni

Beyond the Trees


Direction: Dustin Rees


07_Polar Bear Bears Boredom

Direction: Koji Yamamura

Polar Bear Bears Boredom

08_Dormo Poco e Sono Molto

Direction: Paolo Santamaria

Dormo Poco e Sono Molto


Direction: Ivan Stojković